Junk mail man

If you find one of these in your mail box better run. I have been working on this resume/folio mailer for so long its making my eyes bleed to ensure that it makes your eyes bleed...with awesome.

Some will be sent out via the interweb soon others will be physically mailed out in a nice limited printed envelope with some nice limited goodies included. If you are interested in getting something like that get a hold of me cause I am gonna need to know where you live.

Mountain dew done did dat

Got to do a sweet poster for Mountain Dew's last campaign...back in June...I think. Anyway these were 1 color screen prints done by another printer so I did my best to make it as tough as I could just to see if the guy had an metal, and he sure as shit did even though they are UV ink not acrylic.

18X24 I have a few left if you are interested let me know and we can talk about price.

I just want to draw like this all the damn time. If you have a band or a project you want something like this for better let me know.

Bordo Bello

I actually did this piece for a human face themed show called the Prop in Chicago but couldn't afford the rush shipping on it so luckily there just happened to be a skate deck show in town that same week so I could get it out of here and it would stop judging me for being a procrastinative jerk face.

Sold $70...it was a silent auction for the kids.

Some things will never see the light of day

I did this design for Pasquini's some months ago built the whole gall darn thing in illustrator just to see if I could still use illustrator and they decided to use an alternate version that was from a photo...this maybe the only place it ever gets seen so look and enjoy the rarely seen huth vector.

Kaladi's back to school special

New Design for Kaladi Brothers Coffee

this was a labor intensive image separated from an original painting. All the text is hand treated printed on American Apparel shirts available at Kaladi Coffee in Denver on the 25th of October.

Original acrylic on wood panel will post for sale soon

Ironhorse is bigger than DIY

New shirt design

Older image used for the Denver/Boulder hardcore band Ironhorse
2 color screen print on anvil sustainable shirts. (these shirts are nice, I don't normally like anvil)
Also available in girls sizes in a purple color way.
for sale through the band $15

Whatelse would a mongoose throw-up?

Rosetta at the Hi Dive, Denver with City of Ships, To Be Eaten, and Trees
This show was ridiculous, pick up Rosetta's new album"A determinism of morality" its off its rocker.

20X26 3 color screen prints signed and numbered edition of 45 available $25
original painting will be posted and for sale soon.

Microsoft is one of my clients

Got a job doing a live chalk drawing for Microsoft's now defunct KIN phone at the Westword Music Showcase. Had to cover a 8"X17" foot chalk board in 4 hours not too shabby if you ask me.

preliminary sketch

this wall was curved and I had only 4 hours in the middle of the day so i had to free hand it not transfer process. I like the sketch better the characters face is a little more folk and a little less crazy bastard.

a whale of a shirt for Cannons

T-shirt design for Denver based post hardcore band Cannons.

Based on their song Right Whale about a beached whale

its not that kind of faith

Here is a logo I did for an up and coming fashion brand keep an eye on the skies for more stuff from Faith and Misery

KGNU program guide

the cover for the KGNU program guide completed in under 24 hours.

Circus Bears

Another shirt design for KGNU

Lost in the lime light

been a while lets see if we can get 8 months of updates in 1 week here we go.

3X12", ink, gesso, and screen print on reeves bfk. $200- sold

this was a piece I lost track of and never got a photo of until just recently it was shown at the opening show of the short lived Edifice gallery in COsprgs. Crude themes of pedophilia and youth sexuality inspired this image.