Trying this again

Well friendos its been more than 2 years since my last blog post here at the old blogspot and let me tell you: blogger DOSE NOT make it easy to log back in after that long. Why the fuck can't the main email address for your blogger profile be a gmail account?...GOOGLE OWNS BLOGGER!!!! crazy. Anyways, I've been gone for a real hot minute now mostly I was on a long journey for 7 months in Southeast Asia. If you weren't following along you can catch up with that adventure time over at Just the story of a man, his smart phone, and a pair of jean shorts.  I got some pretty good feed back on that so I figured I should keep the blogging going as an outlet for my literary or journalistic tangents.

Since I've been back for 3 months now obviously I have had plenty of time to miss a ton of deadlines and botch up a job at a print shop so now I am unemployed and seemingly unemployable in some ways. A lot of new found stress over here in the old Huth house hold but don't worry, I'm just going to drink through it.

I did manage to make a new ArtCrank print. Unfortunately artCrank was 8 weeks ago. I stopped working on my art crank print in order to create time for a print obligation over at the shop...which ended up falling through anyway...but to put a positive spin on things I'm 10 months early for ArtCrank 2014! Jk, I'm just going to release this one on my own and hope that the sales cover the cost of printing at least. And hope the economic bubble for bicycle themed prints hasn't popped yet. So help a brother out go over to and pick up a presale copy at the special discounted rate maybe pick up a few for mom and dad too. They make terrible stocking stuffer: but seriously folks, please be courteous and keep them in a tube if you're going to give them as a gift. Its real live art people.

here it is along with some process photos. 

 Assembling images, reference, and rough over sketching elements to get an idea of composition 

 Final line drawing micron on paper scanned in and ready for color.
first touches of color going on quickly as blocking to give a better idea of composition and lighting

Made a late in the game decision that the composition need another element in the background to give more depth to the over all image.
 Working on the clouds. Most of this got simplified and covered up by other elements I'm just posting it so you know I really did spend that much time working every element and then pared it back as a conscious design decision.
Final...well jpg final. I wish I had a photo of the final print to show but its not in the budget. It takes money to make money and I need to sell about 30 of these before I can even afford to get them go get to buying them already, squares. Presale beings at 12pm MST over at


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  2. Are these ready yet??? I want to buy one, either at the $30 or the $40