KGNU team up


super hero rough

This Friday, May 1st, will be the maiden voyage of the live broadcasts of KGNU 88.5 fm or 1390 am from the illustrious fresh Friday gallery openings at the world famous INDYINK. This event will also coincide with the release of the new and improved KGNU program guide which to my understanding has received quite a face lift thanks to contributions from some of Denver/Boulders most prominent art and music honchos. Of course they asked me to take part and I gladly contributed the piece shown here. Hopefully this is the begging of a long and proposes friendship for all involved parties. So come on down, ride your bike with loops, check out some art and drink some $2 tall boys with us afterwards at beta. This is where all your friends will be so honestly what else are you going to do?

probably nothing

The 23rd hour

Last minute I knocked out some of these as my contribution to the art crank show. I used all of my test prints so if you drop the $20 on one of my shinning beauties you are actually getting a little bit of 20 other people's posters as well. I say its well worth it, and trust me I know. The show runs through the Second week in May up on the super block but I think all sales are still through
the fabric lab. so go git some FOOL!


I ended up printing 21 out of around 54 posters for Art Crank 2009. It was something like 52 different screen colors, 20+ hour days for the better part of 2 weeks. Denver was the second city to get in on this project. This was our first year participating and the 4th year of the show in its home town of Minneapolis. I think we did pretty well for our first year and we definitely set the stage for this to turn into a huge event every year. I say next year we take our mile high endurance and go crash their party and show'em that bikes, art, and partying is really all about.

I'm pretty sure I've partied before.


I've been doing a lot of this lately