art krunk

What a shit show. You would think that I would be getting used to, or at least better at, my time management skills but NO! I double booked myself all week long then went into an overnight design that turned into an 8am print session with an 11am deadline. but in the powerful words of Montell Jordan- "This is how we do it"

13X22.5- 2 color screen print on 66lbs index! yeah index to 30 signed and numbered for $40 or I have a few artist proofs that aren't singed into the edition for $20

Stockholm Syndrome

had the bottom fall out while out of town the other day and had to pull a 24 hour design print and ship session for the band Stockholm Syndrome's US tour... not too bad for a stress fest of issues and crazy expensive drop ship fees.

2 color print on classic crest pewter I have a few of these left for $20

ummmm... the ums

So I put together this show during the 11th annual Denver Post Underground Music Showcase. Most people didn't go cause we had amazing AC and free beer, I can see why you would be uninterested. this is the poster that I made for the UMS this year. Its a little brighter and a little cheerier than the normal old sour pussed Huth.

they are HUGE! 26X40 a full parent sheet of cougar 80lbs cover with a 3 color print that overlaps for all kinds of color variations limited run of 55. $25 I have a few left


I got to do a poster for one of my favorite progressive rock out fits Mogwai, Scottish ambient rock at its finest. It was a crunch deadline due to... me being an idiot. But it is done and I think it turned out pretty strong considering design, sep, print, and ship all happened within 3 days...rough.

Mogwai poster- 16X26 2 color print on french 80lbs speckletone cream signed and numbered edition of 80, 25 slod out through the band during the tour.
holler at the email to get you one

OMG poster show at 1988

Just go to do a piece for the required reading show put on by OMG posters over at 1988 gallery in LA. Each artist was able to pick a book and illustrate a version of the cover. I chose one of my favorite tales of teen angst and rebellious youth, Siddhartha. I know if you have read this book you would say there are no tigers or smoke even mentioned in the text. And I would say to that "you are right" but that's the enigmatic symbolism I came up with, so deal with it.

there was also a brown variant that sold out at the show. I have both and several art pint versions that have no text or Damask pattern in the background

Siddhartha- book print from 1988 5 color screen print signed and numbered edition of 80 $25
dreaming tiger- art print edition of 10 5 color screen print signed and numbered as AP's $25
both prints are around 14X22 on 80lbs classic crest celery or sandstorm paper
holler at my email to get some

Lucero yo

Did these posters for Lucero's US tour it was a big tour something like 36 dates over 2 months. We ended up doing 90 of each of the 4 designs and they sold out entirely through the band before the tour was over...then they sold out through me about2 weeks later but enjoy looking and not touching.

each poster was 16X26 on 100lbs classic crest natural edition of 90 artist proof sets were signed and numbered of 10. Some originals may go up for sale depending on local purchasing so stay tuned.


I just finished painting for Something Independent's "the Art of Winter" show during SIA. This group is bringing together local artists and Colorado based snow sport companies to promote our brands and culture to the broader scope of the industry. This deck will be displayed along Larimer square for the week of SIA 26th-31st and will be auctioned at the reception at Green Russell on the 26th.

This board was really impromptu; no preliminary sketches, little reference, no concepting, just paint and it ended up seeing a few different versions and drastic modifications before it was turned in

5X1 feet acrylic on snowboard opening bid is $300.

the hunt

Exciting Exciting times. Next week Denver will be hosting SIA for the second time. We will be hosting a group art show called "the Hunt" in the new renovation of crema/black cloud workshop. Tons of great artists from all over the snowsports industries and just great artists in general will deck the walls of the new expanded gallery space during the larimer st. block party that will host a rail jam and music events throughout the day on the 28th of January 2011.

Crema/ Black Cloud wrkshp is 2862 Larimer
beers and shnaks during artist reception 1-28-11 from 7pm -11pm


Finished this painting after 6 months in a holding pattern. I originally made the image back in July for the band Rosetta's show at the hidive but for some reason couldn't hammer out a finish on it until now. Whatever, it will be available next week 1-26-2011 at the "Hunt" group art show at the Larimer block party during SIA. I will post the flier for that as well.

Mongoosed 12X15 acrylic on panel $200

3 color screen print 20X26 $20....i think...let me know and we'll work it out also available at the "Hunt" show.