Stockholm Syndrome

had the bottom fall out while out of town the other day and had to pull a 24 hour design print and ship session for the band Stockholm Syndrome's US tour... not too bad for a stress fest of issues and crazy expensive drop ship fees.

2 color print on classic crest pewter I have a few of these left for $20

ummmm... the ums

So I put together this show during the 11th annual Denver Post Underground Music Showcase. Most people didn't go cause we had amazing AC and free beer, I can see why you would be uninterested. this is the poster that I made for the UMS this year. Its a little brighter and a little cheerier than the normal old sour pussed Huth.

they are HUGE! 26X40 a full parent sheet of cougar 80lbs cover with a 3 color print that overlaps for all kinds of color variations limited run of 55. $25 I have a few left