touch up

Just before thnx gvng I went down to Kaladi to touch up a mural I painted there a number of years ago. Originally designed as a graffiti deterrent the mural was commissioned by the shop to resemble a mix of Catholic Iconography and modern street art and it has really become a landmark in the DU neighborhood. But due to the fact that I incorporated a lot of wheat pasting and wood panel installation the weather in CO has really given this mural a proper beating. Unfortunately I never got good documentation of it while it was fresh on the wall and I only just recently took photos of it. I am omitting the ratty parts to save face but understand the wall is 44FEET X 19FEET and the main character is a good 15feet tall. huge, one man, one ladder, 2.5 months of work.

the patron saint of coffee is, a close up of the main character St. Drogo as he spreads the zen of coffee over his followers.

the electrical boxes at the end of the wall feature small portraits of a number of saints and I have, from time to time, found flowers and rosaries attached to the faced of the mural, and I thought that was pretty neat.

seasons f'ng greetings

Just hand pulled some seasonal cards for Crema coffee and Designer Nigel "3 star"Penhale who broke an uncontested world record for most F-bombs used in a holiday card. Thought they looked nice wanted you to think so to.

so be nice and you might fucking get one.

Winter Soiree

So I was asked to do a sow poster for Nataniel Ratliff's 4 annual winter soiree at the Fox theater. It featured performances by Nathaniel Rateliff, the Centennial, Harpoontang, and Paper bird under an alias for booking reasons. here is the poster

playing off of the idea of a field notebook with a winter twist
17X23- 2 color on 65# astrobright
signed and numbered of 45-$15

mod livin it up

So we have a show up till...sometime in January. Its a cool show a lot of diverse work, but it is at a cluttered furniture store way out on colfax called Mod Livin' . Really neat stuff but high prices and low art sales. So I made my contribution to the show more design oriented a few show posters but mostly some nice mono prints.

These are available as a set 4- 12X18 unique one offs each number is hand designed and hand pulled to insure uniqueness. $120 for the set

I also have 2 of my favorite mono prints of all time both are from the last 2 years of art crank prints, hanging in the show either of which I would be happy to part with, unframed, for $200. but I don't have photos so let me know if you are interested and I will see what I can dig up.

anal bum cover process

So this little project for local Denver whu-dup funk band Bop Skizzum took an unforeseen turn for the metal. I had a nice little concept cover designed out for their latest 7" titled Beauty Queen all set to roll when they went off the Pushead deep end and wanted to stick with something a bit more macabra.

here is the full process of what came to be

I was given some images by band of things that they had been kicking around and they were really into album cover for DJ Shadow's-The outsider by The designer Paul Insect . Eventually they picked this image which was crudely thrown together in a matter of minutes just to give the band a concept idea. Bare in mind most clients whom call me are on a tight deadline and we went from concept to final up on itunes in less than a weeks time.

From there they left it up to me to make it a bit more "funky" and add some color and my own kind of touch too it. Of course what I do next is so far above and beyond what I needed to it is kind of pathetic. I made 2 YES TWO different paintings (you know with the brushes and the tactile mediums and all) that I proceeded to discard in the name of the basic line drawing whihc is next.

This is the cleaned up fine line drawing I made from the painting above. I went from full color painting and regressed back to black line drawing. Don't say I never learned process progression while snowboarding, I mean going to art school.

I scanned that drawing; added some "funk" colors; came up with a text based hand drawn logo; slapped it on the ass; and sent it home with something. 45+ plus hours to layout front and back of the sleeve and the spindle covers, which are probably the best part of the whole project and I still feel like the concept I preferred would have been not only more appropriate but also more interesting. maybe I will post that someday but that aint today, cause honestly I may sell it to someone at some point. 4 hours billed...thanks local band budgets because of you I can pay almost half my rent...most of the time.

I will be selling the paintings and some hand tinted prints soon, the album is available on itunes now and I will shoot some photos of the actual vinyl when it comes in after the new year. I am sure there will be a an album launch party at some bar but I probably wont be there...cause I'm broke.

buy stuff from me.

system and station

So some friends of mine in a little band from Portland that you may have heard of called
System and Station did a live show and recorded an album of which all proceeds went to a charity for homeless kids in Oregon. Here is the poster I did for it.

good ole Nigel "ping pong" Penhale threw down on the text and I wrapped it up in illustration town.

12X 23-2 color on 80# nina tarragon paper $15
signed and numbered of 60 also available through the band