mod livin it up

So we have a show up till...sometime in January. Its a cool show a lot of diverse work, but it is at a cluttered furniture store way out on colfax called Mod Livin' . Really neat stuff but high prices and low art sales. So I made my contribution to the show more design oriented a few show posters but mostly some nice mono prints.

These are available as a set 4- 12X18 unique one offs each number is hand designed and hand pulled to insure uniqueness. $120 for the set

I also have 2 of my favorite mono prints of all time both are from the last 2 years of art crank prints, hanging in the show either of which I would be happy to part with, unframed, for $200. but I don't have photos so let me know if you are interested and I will see what I can dig up.

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