touch up

Just before thnx gvng I went down to Kaladi to touch up a mural I painted there a number of years ago. Originally designed as a graffiti deterrent the mural was commissioned by the shop to resemble a mix of Catholic Iconography and modern street art and it has really become a landmark in the DU neighborhood. But due to the fact that I incorporated a lot of wheat pasting and wood panel installation the weather in CO has really given this mural a proper beating. Unfortunately I never got good documentation of it while it was fresh on the wall and I only just recently took photos of it. I am omitting the ratty parts to save face but understand the wall is 44FEET X 19FEET and the main character is a good 15feet tall. huge, one man, one ladder, 2.5 months of work.

the patron saint of coffee is, a close up of the main character St. Drogo as he spreads the zen of coffee over his followers.

the electrical boxes at the end of the wall feature small portraits of a number of saints and I have, from time to time, found flowers and rosaries attached to the faced of the mural, and I thought that was pretty neat.


  1. unfortunately we will be painting over this this summer but I will post images of the new stuff when its done.

  2. I love the saints icons. Any chance you'll do more of those and make them available to the public?