I got to do a poster for one of my favorite progressive rock out fits Mogwai, Scottish ambient rock at its finest. It was a crunch deadline due to... me being an idiot. But it is done and I think it turned out pretty strong considering design, sep, print, and ship all happened within 3 days...rough.

Mogwai poster- 16X26 2 color print on french 80lbs speckletone cream signed and numbered edition of 80, 25 slod out through the band during the tour.
holler at the email to get you one


  1. The Hot Girl At The Bar That Jay Talked AboutMay 25, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    Classic Huth. A couple more of these crunch-time fade-away shots for the win, and hopefully you're pushed to the brink of needing to have a beer. In Denver.

  2. So fuckin tight.
    Looks like it was a lotta fun.
    You've gotten way too good for your own good.