I just finished painting for Something Independent's "the Art of Winter" show during SIA. This group is bringing together local artists and Colorado based snow sport companies to promote our brands and culture to the broader scope of the industry. This deck will be displayed along Larimer square for the week of SIA 26th-31st and will be auctioned at the reception at Green Russell on the 26th.

This board was really impromptu; no preliminary sketches, little reference, no concepting, just paint and it ended up seeing a few different versions and drastic modifications before it was turned in

5X1 feet acrylic on snowboard opening bid is $300.


  1. That shite needs to get printed dawgg...
    and it needs to be way more than 300

  2. I don't even know whats going on with the auction so it may not sell at all. ball droppers unite.