red giant

This is kind of a strange piece for me not a lot of style or interpretation. It started in Seattle and has had many revisions and rebirths in the last 4 years. Its huge at almost 7 feet tall ,one of my largest pieces to date, and it really just became a study of patience and diligence. It so big I had some trouble getting a good photo of it. Luckily it sold already and I don't have to look at it any more but I will try to get a better photo before I mail it out. I finished it to finish it and I am not particularly pleased or disheartened by it, its done and that's what counts. Don't ever ask me to do something this big or I'll cut you and pretty deep to boot.

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  1. ahhhh please paint another snowboard...i will buy it! saw your jazz at indyink...amazing. let me know if you feel inspired to paint on that medium again.