So Low show

Recently showed my first solo collection of works in over 4 YEARS! It took a few months to get everything to a polished presentable state. During that time I slept in a lawn chair in my studio, in the basement of INDYINK. It was a huge task but I think it came out quite well. This was the first time I have ever been able to show illustration works as finished art pieces. It was definitely nice to get 2 uses out of the same image and open it up to a broader audience.

Here is the show in its entirety as well as in the order that it appears on the wall...bonus. If you happen to be in Denver over the next few weeks you should come by INDYINK and see it in person its really not so bad.

Google Grandpa: 15"X2" Ink and Gesso on archival paper-$250 SOLD

Untitled-4"X6"-Ink and Gesso on vintage book page-$25 each- SOLD OUT

Awakening- 20"X30"-Ink and graphite on Reeves bfk paper-$250 SOLD
There is a larger and higher quality shot of this in an earlier post if you are interested, I just wanted to show it matted and framed.

detail from above-Kaladi Brothers Coffee client for t-shirt

Knives Out-4"X9"-Acrylic on Wood-$75 SOLD

The Test Owl- 4"X6.5"-Acrylic on Wood-$45 SOLD

Wooden Hair- 5"X5"- Acrylic on Wood- $55

Savage Haircut-5"X9.5"-Acrylic on Wood- $120 SOLD

The Face of Deception aka. Nice to Magritte You-24"X36" Acrylic on Wood-$300SOLD

Detail from above Painted for PBR client during 3 hour live painting session at Del the Funkee Homosapien show-finished in studio

The Warble- 9"X14- Graphite on Reeves bfk with Enamel on Acetate overlay-$120 SOLD
KGNU radio 1390 client

Fronstide Five Snake Battle-11"X17"-Ink on Paper -$60-SOLD
Frontside Five band client for t-shirt

The Gatherer-38"X33"-Acrylic on Board- $700 frame included-SOLD

Detail from above- Painted for PBR client during 3 hour live paint at PBR art show finished in studio

Natural Progress- 12"X18"-Ink on Paper- $50 SOLD
Revolution International client for t-shirt design

Natural Progress- 14"X19"- Acrylic on Wood-$600 SOLD
I need to get a better picture of this one so stay tuned for that

The Heiress- 14"X17"-Acrylic on Wood-$300 SOLD

Detail from above-Collaboration with Downtimer (SF)

Clinging-Tour Poster 2008 2 color silkscreen 10X25"- framed $40 unframed $25

The Leper-10"X10"-1 color serigraph or Reeves bfk-framed $25 SOLD unframed$10

To Be Eaten- tour Poster 2008- 2 color Silkscreen Print- $65 framed $40 unframed

Rage Against the Machine- IVAW Protest show poster for DNC 2008-$60Framed SOLD $40 unframed

Most of these posters are technically sold out. The bands have no more and the few I have left are less than 10 each, so get them before they are gone. I can ship via paypal for around $8 on a poster other shipping on pieces will very based on size.

Let me know if you want any of the remaining pieces the show is almost sold out. Make sure to check all the links and support the things in your life that are worthwhile.


  1. nice work, chris. wish i could have been in denver for the show. -MIKEWILLEY.

  2. Chris, i like this poster. have anymore left? thanks.