ABQ with Adai

This trip I just took to Albuquerque was an addition to my already 18+ day long vacation. 7am-10am the next, day straight from the airport to the tour van no sleep, lots of METAL, sand, van time, coffee and beef jerky.

ADAI music video shoot at the old state prison in Santa Fe.

I was stoked to see Adai play at the launch pad a venue that I grew up in and saw so many great shows as a kid in Albuquerque. If you aren't familiar with Adai check them out also check out the band they were on tour with North and the band that was supposed to play but their keyboardist got caught trying to get into the venue with a fake ID a ABQ locally favorite Coma Recovery.

before I left for vacation we hosted the DPUMS again...as always. Here is a photo of the ugliest side of the prettiest band in town, no body draws a crowd like The Legendary River Drifters.

So packed I had to stay in back.

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