Hard cover no Jacket

Hopefully these little guys make down to Australia by Thursday for the opening of "Hard Cover No Jacket" the one year anniversary show for oh really gallery and magazine in Sydney, Australia. But the USPS didn't seem to confident in that itinerary. If not they will get there when they get there and if you can't live without them then contact the gallery from the link I just posted...idiot.

the theme of the show is hard bound book covers so that's what that's all about.

"The Great Mouthpiece" 5.5"X7.5" $80+ shipping and handling

"The Last Book of Horses" 7"X8.5" $65+ shipping and handling

these were fun look for more of this nature at my solo show in October at INDYINK.

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  1. These are sweet, too bad they might not make it in time. Stupid Australia. Should be closer.

    I'll be checking that out in Oct. Thanks for the print expertise btw.