Fuck You! Car

I am an avid anti-automotive enthusiast. So in loving memory of selfish transit and the oil industry here is a little design I put together.

Give the automotive manufactures the finger , and most other people are kind of offended by the F-word as well, BONUS!

3 color CMY process print (super duper soft) on white shirt with a cyan logo placement on the back, you don't need to see that, its a surprise.

These of course will be available at the world renowned one and only in store location of INDYINK but presale will also be available at FM magazine's Skate/bike 2 on September 5th.

I stole that model from the Internet and I am not afraid to say it. I was trying to find a girl model to use but inevitably I just ended up looking at porn. We are also working on a black shirt color way so hold your horses.

F-you all

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